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From dress shoes like wingtip Oxford shoes and suede loafers to athletic shoes, high-tops, and casual sneakers, it can be hard for a man to find something comfortable to wear. What’s more, most running shoes, basketball shoes, and boots don’t offer enough accessibility or comfort to make them worth buying. That’s where the new arrivals and options from Kizik come in. 

What’s not to like about an innovative casual shoe that turns the desire for comfort into a more accessible reality? That’s right; we’re talking about Kiziks—the hands-free slip-on shoes that only need to be tied that very first time. 

These trending men’s sneakers make perfect training shoes or casual wear shoes. They’ve got soles layered with foam to provide cushioning and keep you comfy all day.

Before we get into the mechanics of how this shoe will elevate your daily life, check out our collection of stylish shoes and see the full spectrum of Kizik’s looks in your mind’s eye as you read.

We promise you that this technology shows up to do the job, no matter which pair you pick. That means you can ditch your worn-out sneakers or boat shoes for a way better shoe—a Kizik shoe.

Kizik’s best-seller men’s active shoes have HandsFree Labs® technology specifically designed to meet you wherever you’re at in your day. Whether you’re rubbing the sleep out of your eyes to walk the dog in the early morning or racing out the door to get to a meeting, Kiziks will empower you by making the simple things that much simpler. 

Read on to learn how this technology works and why Kiziks are the next shoes for you.

How do Kizik shoes work?

Kizik shoes use the latest innovations in shoe technology to provide not only style, but also an ultra boost of comfort to keep you feeling good all day long.

Rabbit Foam™ outsoles: 

This is some next-level foam. This material is designed to uplift you throughout your day. Say you’re running around all day, dealing with patients and chatting with clients—with our breathable, contoured Rabbit Foam™ outsoles, you won’t even notice your feet. They’ll be in an ultra-cushy foot heaven.

HandsFree Labs® technology

If you look at our collection, you’ll know that when we say HandsFree Labs®, we mean a titanium band that adapts to your heel and springs into action. You don’t need to bend down, wedge your foot in, walk on the backs of your shoes, or even unlace and retie. Kiss all of those tasks goodbye with Kiziks!

Lace these bad boys up the day you unbox them, and you can trust them to stay laced every time your foot enters and exits the premise. 

This technology is practically low-tech artificial intelligence. These shoes know what you need and when you need it, so take advantage of their support.

Why are Kiziks better than other shoes?

In addition to their stellar architecture and technology, Kiziks have a lot of features that make them stand out.

Removable insoles

Did we mention that Kiziks also have removable insoles? Like with many of our features, we saw a simple need not being met and decided it was time for a change. 

Don’t hesitate about wearing your shoes or feel like you need to give them a good sniff before you go. Just take out your insoles, throw them in the wash, and they’ll be good as new. 

Exclusive, in-demand technology

Our shoe technology has been coined as F.A.S.T. (Foot Activated Shoe Technology). Kizik HandsFree Labs® tech is so amazing, it’s even received attention from other big-name brands. However, Kizik is still the only place to get this exclusive technology in shoe convenience. 

A variety of colors for self-expression

Kiziks also come in a swath of colors, styles, materials, and looks so you can find the perfect pair to fit into your lifestyle. Whether you want something more athletic or more formal, the technology that makes Kiziks unique has no boundaries to where it can be worn.


Kiziks are shoes that look like sneakers but slip on like a pair of flip-flops or slide sandals—AKA, this is the dream. This is pure convenience with expert design, meaning you get to rock the coolest no-hassle shoe on the market.

Cutting edge

Imagine sliding on a pair of old sneakers—except these are going to look super fresh and be reliably frictionless, no matter how long you own them or how often you rock them. Hands-free footwear is still relatively new to the public, and with Kiziks, you can stay ahead of the curve and jump on this unique opportunity to reimagine footwear with us. 


These are shoes that don’t need to be broken in, and you couldn’t bust these heels if you tried! This is one of those life hacks you won’t want to pass up, because this technology has been tested over 100,000 times to ensure its efficacy for users just like you. 

We want Kiziks to focus on doing what they do best: making your life easier. 

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, Kiziks can offer you any look that fits your lifestyle. Plus, let’s be real: how often can you bank on a shoe being this comfortable? With all the comfort imaginable and none of the support lost, Kizik has the kicks that can carry you between work and home, to and from the gym, or even out at night. 

No matter what’s on your plate, Kiziks can enhance your daily experience from the ground up.

Trust us and let Kiziks lead you into your best life. How could it not when this technology is actively trying to hug your feet without losing any of its construction that fortifies it! 

Not to mention, if bending down is inaccessible to you, this is a great way to show some self-care. These shoes are so comfortable, it’s like walking on a cloud. Without needing to fuss with putting them on, you can get back to creating adventures to explore while you wear them! 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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