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Hands-free shoes: Convenience or just us being lazy?

Are hands-free shoes any less impactful than a key fob, an in-phone camera, or wireless headphones?

At Kizik, we say no. And hundreds of thousands of our customers agree.

Hands-free shoes make everyone’s life better. No one likes the hassle of tying their shoes! And the fact is, some people can’t. Our purpose is to simplify lives by inventing a better way. So when critics suggest that people who prefer not to tie their shoes are simply lazy, we would say that convenience is not necessarily laziness.

Kizik Hands-Free Shoe Step-in

Look at the electric car window, for example. It’s something that has become a standard in our lives, but when it was first introduced several decades ago, some scoffed at the laziness of needing an easier way to raise and lower a car window. How much effort did it really take to roll it down, anyway? Arguably, not much. But over time, this invention has improved almost everyone’s life (even though we still call it rolling down the window). 

Car Window Handle

Sure, a hands-free shoe is an invention of convenience. But it’s also an advantage. Kiziks are simple and intuitive, and they make it easier, faster, and more convenient for any person. Even a growing child can step into a favorite shoe on the way out the door.

Wearing Kiziks is as impactful as using a microwave, starting your car from inside the house when it’s freezing outside, or being able to tell your phone to call your mom.

Man on Cell Phone

Of course, for those who are aging, pregnant, or have any condition that makes tying shoes difficult or impossible, hands-free shoes are more than convenient—they are life-changing.

Kizik Shoe

Our customers tell us their lives are changing. They love putting on their shoes in seconds, without bending over, even if their hands are occupied. They’re moving away from their old shoes to Kiziks.

Ready to join the hands-free revolution? It’s risk-free to try Kiziks for yourself. Get your first pair (or your second or your third) today.

Written By: Monte Deere

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