Stay healthy with your own pair of hands-free — and germ free — Kiziks.

What is hands-free footwear?

Shoes are a part of everyday life. They reflect on our personal style and take us to all the places we want to go. At Kizik we believe that footwear can be better. We create the best hands-free shoes to make life more convenient and germ free..


✋ Keep your hands and house clean and germ free with Kizik shoes. 👟 Our patented hands-free technology lets you pop them...

Posted by KIZIK on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hands-free is germ free.

Footwear is dirty. The rest of your life doesn't have to be.

Why hands free?

Function meets fashion

Kizik is on a mission to bring fashion and convenience to everyone that has a desire to look and feel their best. We believe that fashion, comfort, and convenience shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Everyone deserves convenience

We make shoes that are easy-on and on-trend. With Kizik shoes there’s no need for hands, horns, or help. Anyone with feet can get in and out of our shoes quickly—and look good doing it.

Innovation in every step

Shoe companies don’t innovate, they simply change materials and colors. Kizik brings an inventor mindset to footwear. We have patented numerous ways to get into your shoes much easier.

How they work.

Easy on easy off

Laces are a thing of the past. Kizik shoes allow you to slide on and stay in your shoes with one simple motion. Our F.A.S.T.® technology releases the back of the shoe to allow easy entry and locks your heel back into place. No bending over or crouching down so you can say goodbye to sore backs and throbbing knees. .

Find your perfect fit

Your foot is unique. Your shoes should be too. Each shoe comes with a micro adjustment feature to allow you to set the correct size once and forget it. Each time you slide on your Kizik shoes it will fit as perfect as a custom tailored suit

2300+ five star reviews
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"You're walking on a cloud!"

The easiest shoe I have ever put on that stays on securely and feels like a dream under your feet! You will not be disappointed… Rather you will be ordering more!

Suzanne Capaldo

"Comfort And Ease"

These shoes are really comfortable - and the ads are correct! Just put your foot in and let the shoe do its work! No bending, no lace ties, just step in and go!

Micki Novak

"About Time 😁"

My husband LOVES these shoes. It is difficult for him to put shoes on and the ease and comfort of Kizik shoes is a marvelous game changer. I’m one grateful wife!!!

Christina M