KIZIK Footwear

Men's New York Black

Size Guide

Men's New York Court - Classic sport casual has that stylish look appropriate for the office and the casual versatility to wear all weekend. All while delivering the convenience of HandsFree.

  • F.A.S.T. Technology -Enables HandsFree
  • Full Grain Leather Upper - provides a rich finish, and improved comfort
  • Stabilizing Tongue - Eliminates foot movement  & improves stability
  • Contoured Foot bed - Adds cushioning and long term comfort
  • Orders placed after 10 A.M. Pacific time will ship the following business day




size chart

KIZIK shoes are carefully tested to ensure they fit true to industry standard sizing.

New York Style order True to size for casual Footwear.

Boston & Dubai order True to size for casual Footwear.  If you are between sizes, round up.

In order to ensure optimum comfort, fit, and performance, you need to follow these simple, one time, steps the first time you put on your KIZIK shoes.  


  1. Customize the fit with the simple adjustment strips on both sides of the tongue. The factory adjustment is set for a low instep. You will likely need an adjustment to accommodate a higher instep. 
  2. Next, insert your foot into your new KIZIK handsfree shoe. This should be done with gentle pressure forward. No wiggle, thumb, or fingers required.
  3. You’ll feel the F.A.S.T. heel gently pop up comfortably around your heel; you may even hear it.
  4. IT'S ON!
  5. Now you can enjoy the freedom of the KIZIK Handsfree experience.
  6. Don’t forget to tell your friends!