No bending over

Not only do you not have to be able to reach your feet, you don’t even have to be able to see them. Kizik invented a hands-free technology that means all you have to do is slide your toe into the shoe and step down. The spring-back heel pops into place and does the work for you! No bending, no belly-squishing!

"100% recommend!"

"These shoes are worth every penny. I purchased these in the third trimester of my pregnancy and I haven't worn any other tennis shoes since! The ease of being able to slip on these shoes before walking my dog or running errands without needing to bend over has been so helpful. I recommend these shoes to any pregnant person or postpartum mom!"

- Deanna F.


Keep your hands free

You’re busy. Whether you’re nesting (baseboard wiping, anyone?) or chasing other littles or just living your day to day, not having to free up your hands to put on your shoes is a godsend.

"Perfect for pregnancy"

"Perfect for pregnancy when I could not bend over to tie my shoe and now perfect for putting on quickly when I need to take care of my kids."

- Melody C.


Stay comfy (All. Nine. Months.)

Kiziks are made of four-way stretch knit that’s not just comfortable, it’s super breathable. So your shoes will flex with your foot as you walk, and you’ll feel light and airy everywhere you go. They also have a Rabbit Foam® outsole that makes every step springy and cushiony.


"Amazing! Best pregnant lady shoes ever. I'm not longer getting heartburn everytime I need to put shoes on and off! Changed my pregnancy for the better, will continue to wear them for ever!"

- Melissa P.


Swollen feet? No prob!

Most expectant moms have the same complaint: their feet tend to swell a bit as the day wears on. Wearing shoes can become a problem. But your Kiziks aren’t likely to sit in the closet, even on “cankle” days. They have a generous fit and a roomy toe box, so your toes, feet, and ankles have wiggle room.

"Great Shoes"

"These have been great for my thrid trimester of pregnancy! They are comfortable, stretch when my feet and ankles swell, and are sooo convenient to put on! I highly recommend!!"

- Tiffanie M.


You’re making the world better for your baby

If you’re watching your carbon footprint, Kiziks are a step in the right direction. The Kizik Madrid features a special eco-knit upper crafted from environmentally friendly fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They’re not just easy on the eyes, they’re easy on the environment too. (And they’re still super comfy.)

"Love for pregnancy"

"As a nurse, I already hate tying shoes or putting them on at all. Then I got pregnant and friends said I absolutely must have slip on shoes. I wear these every day."

- Kinsey P.