Your go-to pregnancy shoe


Your go-to pregnancy shoe

You’re a pregnant girl in an unpregnant world. I mean, have you tried sliding into a restaurant booth lately? (No, thanks. We’ll take that wobbly table over there by the restrooms, where all the foot traffic is, please.)

And can we talk about what happens to your feet as that baby bump grows? The aching. The swelling. The acrobatics you have to do to try to reach them. By the way, who’s painting your toenails for you these days? You do NOT got this, girl!

But when it comes to putting on your shoes, you’ve soooo got this… if you’ve got Kiziks. Just step in, and the heel springs into place. No twisting, no stomping, and best of all, no bending! You don’t even have to be able to see your feet to do it.

Kizik Women Athens - Peach Step In

Not only are your Kiziks not a pain to get into, they’re super cushy to wear. Kiziks have a roomy toe box, particularly in the Athens, Lima, and Madrid styles. So, even on “kankle” days, your feet may not mind so much.

Kizik Athens Bahama, Kizik Eco-Knit Madrid Heathered Grey, Kizik Lima Tidepool

Now getting in and out of your shoes doesn't have to be a several-times-a-day, everywhere-you-go problem. Kiziks give you the don’t-even-think-about-it solution. You can do all the things on your endless pre-baby to-do list without bending down even once, even when you take them off.

Struggling putting shoes back on

Kiziks are your go-to pregnancy shoe. Oh, and you’ll need them even more after the baby comes, when your hands are full all the time. 

Mom with baby grocery shopping

Go hands free today. You’ll never go back. And oh, yes. Congratulations!

Written By: Chris Fry

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