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There is a new trend in the world of athleisure, and its name is Kizik. This pair of kicks is both a low-key, on-trend gym shoe and a high-key stylish lace-up sneaker. Kiziks have a variety of best-sellers in colors and combinations that offer a kaleidoscope of comfort, convenience, and cuteness.

Follow us on this journey as we share all the reasons we are stoked about these high-accessibility, athletic shoes that are designed with you and your comfort in mind. 

From our origins in Alpine, Utah, we present to you the shoe that is gathering starry reviews, gaining the attention of big names in the shoe game, and making waves in closets as women choose Kiziks for their intuitive design. We want you to be feeling your best in shoes that are ready to support you no matter where this life takes you. 

Why Kiziks are your new go-to kicks

Finding comfortable women’s shoes shouldn’t be hard. Gone are the days when your shoe choices are limited to strappy footbed sandals, tight ballet flats, chafing ankle boots, or ugly-looking sneakers that don’t fit well.

Your flip-flops won’t be the only comfy kicks in your closet anymore. Here’s what makes Kiziks the shoes you’ve always been looking for:

HandsFree Labs® Technology 

You don’t need to lift a finger when you’re putting these puppies on. And listen, we know that you might have some shoes you wedge your heels into anyways—but have you noticed how crinkled and crushed that heel is looking? 

Not with Kiziks! Not that these are loose-fitting shoes by any means. Our technology has a heel with flexible titanium, meaning that when your heel is heading into your new Kiziks, the arch around the heel is able to spring up and down according to your needs. 

Rabbit Foam™ Outsoles

It wasn’t enough for Kiziks to make a shoe with a superpower, because you need a shoe that you slide on, sigh with joy, and forget about because it is so comfortable. On your feet for hours at work? Chasing little ones all over the house? Either way, this innovative outsole has got you covered—for hours.

High-density cushioning foam outsoles too? If you can’t tell already, Kiziks are a well-oiled machine. We’ve powered through a serious amount of testing too, before bringing these shoes to you. These kicks have undergone over 100,000 compression tests to ensure that they can keep up with you!

Styles to try

Women’s Athens

The Women’s Athens have a fresh and cool semi-high-top look (although still lower than a Chelsea boot or pair of booties) that could easily be carried from the gym to the office to hanging out in the neighborhood. 

There are also a variety of colors to choose from—Sunrise is pretty awesome, for example—for these breathable, laid-back active shoes.

Women’s Prague

Kizik’s hands-free technology also happens to be a gorgeous piece of architecture in the shoe. 

Take, for instance, the Women’s Prague. What you see is a trendy and classic sneaker that is designed to be your everyday go-to shoe. These have a place in the office and at happy hour. Canvas and suede are outfitted by Kiziks signature Rabbit Foam outsoles.

Women’s Vegas

To envision Women’s Vegas, picture yourself having a perfect morning before going to work at your dream job in a city that you love. You’ve got a coffee in one hand, your keys and phone in the other, and a satchel with a heavy laptop on your back. 

Rather than bending down to wedge your heels into a pair of uncomfy clogs, loafers, or wedge sandals as you head out the door—which would inevitably lead to the coffee sloshing, the backpack throwing off your balance, and the phone clattering to the floor, you’re choosing to wear Kiziks. That means you can slip your feet into your hands-free, slip-on shoes that are honestly too cute to be this functional.

Why Kiziks are the future of shoes

Easy is how shoes should be. Imagine showing up to class or to the coffee shop without those frazzled moments before you leave your place—you know, the spike in stress because it’s time to go and the dog needs a treat and your hair is still wet, and, oops, you still don’t have your shoes on.

This isn’t just a wacky shoe with a hack. This is the dream slide that we’ve all been waiting for. Mothers, imagine having your baby in your arms and safely sliding on these sneakers so the two of you can go outside for a walk. 

These shoes don’t need to be broken in and will never get busted by your heel. Kiziks can guarantee you the feeling of being composed, and we all know how true looking good, feeling good can really be. 

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, Kiziks can offer you any look that fits your lifestyle. Shoes that are this comfortable can totally work like dress shoes. Kiziks bring all the comfort of your favorite gym shoe combined with suave styles that will be fashionable no matter what season of life you’re in right now. 

Get your Kiziks now

Let Kizik lead you into your best life with our new arrivals, best sellers, and hidden gem casual shoes. You deserve a shoe that is like a reliable, loving friend. They are not just comfortable, they want to hug you as you go about your day-to-day thriving.

With the innovative technology that makes Kiziks one of a kind, we know you are going to be feeling golden with these convenient and functional clouds on your feet. 

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Written By: Chris Fry

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