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Coming soon: Kizik Kids

Have you heard our news? We’re expecting some little bundles of awesome! Kizik Kids are due out in late summer 2022.

We were just dying to know what they'd look like, so we did what any logical person would do—we tapped everyone’s imaginations with our kids’ shoe design contest. Kizik lovers everywhere jumped in and submitted 422 designs they created themselves from our three Kizik Kids style templates, and the public voted.

What we got was way better than we anticipated: solids and prints in all sorts of color combos, some done digitally, some hand-colored on paper.

Kizik Kid Shoe Submissions

The next few days were a blast with art-overload and polls on our @wearkizik Instagram stories (you can see all the finalists on our story highlights). Favorites rose to the top by popular demand, thanks to our followers, and each Kizik Kids shoe category ended up with a winner. Check out these designs!

Kizik Kid Athens - Caleb T. Hurricane, West Virginia

Kizik Kid Prague Winner - Angelina J. Spring, Texas

Kizik Kid Anaheim Winner - Kayli M. Burley, Idaho

Each of these winners will get a pair of custom Kiziks in their original design, made just for them, in whatever size they choose!

As for the rest of us? We’ll just have to wait for the official launch of Kizik Kids in August.

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Written By: Chris Fry

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