Kid Trying to Tie their shoe


Tying your shoes isn’t a rite of passage anymore

Remember starting kindergarten? You couldn’t go if you couldn’t tie your shoes all by yourself. What in the name of undue pressure was that?

We could go back and forth all day about the right age for kids to be able to do something that requires such intricate manual dexterity. But we don’t have to. Because they don’t have to. It’s not even a thing anymore.

Shoe-tying has found its place in the old-school file, right next to the memorized home phone number. And phone books, for that matter. Yeah, hard pass on that!

Enter Kiziks Kids, coming soon to mud-room shoe racks and elementary school playgrounds everywhere, just in time for fall 2022. Seriously, do not school-shop without checking these out! Don’t vacation-shop either. Or everyday-around-the-house-shop.

Kizik Kid Athens Sunrise Step-in

Kiziks Kids aren’t just cool-looking. They will change your kids’ lives (and yours).

You know that last five minutes before you leave the house? The five minutes that can take 20? When you keep saying, “Let’s go!” and no one seems to be moving, and there’s always a “Why aren’t your shoes on?” moment in there somewhere?

Well, that five minutes now actually only takes five minutes. No more “rabbit around the tree” happening at your house! Kids of all ages can step into some comfy-all-day Kiziks that won’t come off until they step out of them. All with no help from you. That, my friend, is the magic of HandsFree Labs® technology.

Get your kids some Kiziks! Coming August 2022 in kids’ sizes 10C – 7Y. They look great, they feel great, and they’re just what you need to be ready for school.

And maybe, just maybe, everybody’ll be on time.

Written By: Chris Fry

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